Petro Equipment Logistics, is an oil and gas services Company operating in different African Countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Libya )
Petro Equipment Logistics (PEL) Ltd has been formed to provide detailed Design and Engineering Consultancy Services to the different sectors of the economy through our high profiled technical partners

The company was incorporated in response to the local content policy of the Nigerian government to take part in the ever growing upstream exploration and production activities of the country. It however decided to go beyond the country and expand into other oil producing regions in the sub continent.

Why Choose Us?

  •  Our strategy is focused on differentiation and growth.
  •  We are committed to providing timely solutions to all our clients need along the  value chain.
  •  Our generous staff wages, benefits and incentives demonstrate how much we  value our employees and their retention.

Awards of Excellence
The following are the awards won by Petro Equipment Logistics Limited as an indication of excellence and quality service:

  1. Best Procurement Company of the Year 2012 (Nigeria)
  2. The Oil & Gas Award for Best People Development (Mauritus)


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