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Our Service Lines
- Chief Technology Officer

These are the services rendered by PEL Recruit :

1. HR Consulting
We offer HR solutions to offices that may or may not have an HR department. We offer technical HR advice, undertake specific HR assignments, and support the in - house HR department/unit to carry out their functions more professionally. We also become the organization’s HR department if they do not have one in - house. By so doing, we help companies concentrate their valuable time on their core functions while PEL Recruit takes responsibility for the management of people.

2. Search and Selection
We render recruitment assistance, advice on selection processes, strategy for retention of staff, etc. and assist with background checks on prospective employees. We handle recruitments assistance for lower, middle and upper management levels.

3. Research & Surveys
Reliable information is a critical tool for efficient management of the human capital in your organization. To obtain this, we can assist organizations conduct HR - related research and surveys in order to take strategic decisions for decision making. Researches include salary surveys, attitudinal/opinion surveys, KAP surveys, etc.

4. Industrial Relations
We offer strategic advice on how to establish good working relationships with local unions, put in place appropriate systems to create a peaceful industrial environment at workplaces to prevent strikes and lockouts, etc. Whether in a unionized environment or not we can be contacted for advice and strategies to handle industrial relations issues.

5. Education and Learning
We assist businesses to conduct appropriate and relevant training programmes directly linked to their operations, in-house or off-site for their employees.

We can help employees move away from non - productive attitudes and behaviours to a more business-focused approach in their day – to – day routine on the job, by equipping them with appropriate transformational leadership competencies.

We also bridge the widening gap between contemporary tertiary education and the HR need for the 21st century employer, by grooming new recruits to enter into the organization with a high level of awareness and focus.

6. Employment Agency
In line with the provisions of the Labour Act, 2003 (Act 651) PEL Recruit operates as a private employment agency, recruiting for both local and foreign companies that may require our services.

7. On / Off Site HR Office
The contemporary way of managing the human capital in an organization is by outsourcing part or the whole of the HR component to a professional. PEL Recruit offers professional HR advice, undertake specific HR-related assignments, and support the in-house HR team to carry out their functions more professionally. We also carry out outsourcing jobs where we provide and manage staffs that are engaged in non-core activities of the company’s operations. Through our comprehensive administration of a company’s employee benefits, government / legal compliance, training and workers’ compensation, etc. we become the company’s HR support department.


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