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When life knocks you down, make sure you land on your back cos if you can look up you can get up....
PEL Recruit Edge
- Chief Technology Officer

There are several reasons why PEL Recruit is the best placed source for HR services:

  •  Our recruiters live and breathe the industry – because Petro Equipment Logistics  provides other services such as supply and logistics for companies in the oil  and gas, mining and communication sectors, it has a pool of in – house and  external resources who have the experience and connections to enable it select  the best for our clients.
  •  We have access to a vast pool of candidates and worldwide connections in and  outside Ghana through our partner and operational offices in Nigeria, Gabon,  Angola and Sao Tome & Principe. In addition, with over 12 global partners  especially in the United States of America and Europe, we are able to provide  specialist expertise from any country in the world.
  •  Our processes are simple, focused, fast and comprehensive.
  •  Our rigorous recruiting process ensures that due process is adopted to provide  the best workforce for our clients


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